Narrative Essay About Summer Vacation

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The summer’s heat sizzles and hums as it shines upon our backs. We’d been on the beach since nine o'clock, and it's now noon, our bellies grumbling in protest, reminding us we need to check in with dad. Until recently we'd been working on our latest cure for boredom, putting our building skills to the test. On a Tuesday morning in June, my sisters and I ponder what to do with our time this summer vacation. The sky is azure blue, as the sun shines brightly, causing a sweet, earthy smell to rise from the ground and intermix with the salty breeze coming from the bay. While the ocean sparkles, as it reflects the sun, it’s turquoise water inviting one to play. On the porch, we sit questioning what to do this summer. “ I'm so bored!” Niamh exclaims…show more content…
We even had it down to stealing the buoys after a storm, giving us a reason as to why they were on the beach. That day it’s eventually decided the beach is our destination. After paying the customary fee of one back massage to our father, we’re free to leave the fenced yard. Aine and Oona lead the group while Niamh and I follow at a slower pace. Our families live close to each other; our house, the grandparents, Uncle Mike’s and the Larsen's household, that consisted of our Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. Susanna, one of our cousins is a year older than Niamh and I; she is one of our favorite cousins, actually our only favorite, Samuel is a pain, and Ian never plays with…show more content…
Surveying the beach for something to do with our time, we only see driftwood covering the pebble shoreline. For some, this may seem like nothing, but to us, it’s like a gold mine. The possibilities are enormous, we need something to do this summer and with our imaginations and a huge amount of driftwood, we can fix our boredom. Although forts are an option, forts we have a plenty of, what we don’t have is boats to sail along the shoreline. This, of course, is an extremely smart idea, after all, none of us knows how to swim and the water is deep in areas. Aine's chosen as the commander in charge of “Operation Stay Afloat”, a.k.a raft building, after discussing plans. First, we scavenged for rope along the shore and our Uncle's woodshed, then we rolled logs into the water, making it easier to bind them together with the rope. Once done with that, we visit our grandparent’s house, where we raid the linen closet, getting a nice bed sheet along with cookies and grandpa's toolbox full nails and a

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