Narrative Essay About Thanksgiving Holidays

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A lot went on during my Thanksgiving holidays. There was a bunch to eat as well to do. My mother and fiancé stayed in the kitchen all day Wednesday preparing for the feast the next day. I do believe that there was more dessert cooked than anything else. The dessert I like the most was the cheese cake.
I overheard my fiancé talking about cheese cake around 7 p.m. that night to my mother. So, I waited patiently for them to begin cooking it. After a while the oven bell went off. Then I heard the mixer start up and they began to mix the ingredients. My fiancé opend the fridge and but in plate of what looked to be cupcakes. Well that was the last I heard anything about a cheesecake. After a few hours passed I went to the fridge for a beverage and
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The cheese cake had lemon tint with a brown crust. It kind of looked like a bird nest filled with cheese. Like I stated previously the cheese cake was different this year. Mainly because instead of them being in a pie dish they were in a cupcake sheet. Even though the cheese cake looked different, it still tasted delicious. It was cold at the touch but as it went down my throat it lit a fire in my stomach. I do not know why it is called a cheese cake when it does not even taste of cheese, but it sure was yummy. The cheese cake tasted of greatness. Like nothing could ever go wrong when eating a piece of it. Before I knew it I done ate 4 out or the 10 pieces they had made. This year’s Thanksgiving was better than my past ones merely because my mother and fiancé cooked my favorite type of desert. It was also important because it was me and my fiancés (Kaylyn) first Thanksgiving together. We have been together for three years now. The cheesecake is a symbol our relationship. It was the first dessert she made that I ate when we first got together. Everybody loved the cheesecake that was made. She made it differently but overall it was delicious. The yellow little cupcake styled cheesecake was the best dish served at the

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