A Narrative Essay On My Last Day In The Ocean

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The monstrous vessel carried on with her swaying trip through the night-befallen tides of the Anonymous Islands. The ocean’s firm strokes on her black body brought her up, then down, then up and down again with a sickening rocking. It was life as usual on the open seas; my stomach had long mastered its hopping nature over my years of privateering. And yet, recently –that day being the most notable– my face had gotten into the habit of turning green from all the naval motions. Never before was I this sensitive; and as I tended to my duties in my candlelit quarters, I attributed this change to my budding love, indeed, my mad love for the last person I should yearn for. We were on our way from the island of T. to the set destination of C.. The last few weeks had been bountiful…show more content…
Several locks the size of a fist held the hatch secure and tight, and the keys were made into a chain necklace that our captain always carried around his burly neck. A substantial man he was, large in stature, merciless in judgment, with bold stomps when he walked and a hoarse thunder when he laughed. His beard was one single body instead of individual strands, stuck together with the remnants of ale, meat juices and all the other delicious liquids that nested amongst the hairs from his mouth down. We all feared his fits of temper and I, as the first mate, especially worried myself with the captain’s inconsequentiality. Anything could be expected from this half-mad, half-genius rover. Genius I say, for it was his expert strategies and inspirational methods that brought us victory each time we engaged with a vessel that we preyed on. We owed him both our past victories and our future fortune. Also, the crew had grown obsessed with the gold coins promised and due to this streak of success nobody heeded the captain’s dangerous whims. All eyes glittered greedy
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