Narrative Essay About The Ghetto

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My life started out on the West side in the heart of the ghetto. By ghetto, I do not mean the houses looked a little rough, I mean people would run through our front lawn chasing each other with knives on the regular. I do not remember too much of the house because we only lived there until I was about two, but it was an old classic Victorian style house. We had many bats as roommates. Ever since we moved when I was two, we have lived in Morningside very close to East High School. It is a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms and a big backyard with a pool. My sister and I each got our own room and we had a huge basement for space to play. My neighborhood has always been full of older people besides two boys my age who live across the street.…show more content…
All of my life she has played the role of worst enemy and best friend all at the same time. She has always been involved with gymnastics so ever since I was born I have been dragged to gymnastics meets and forced to watch the same four routines repeatedly. I used to be incredibly jealous of how much attention she got from my parents and how successful she was but I got over myself and moved on. If I ever have a problem or am looking for advice, I know that she will always have my back. I would say that each year we get a little bit closer and friendlier towards each other. My parents make just enough money to where we live comfortably and are able to take vacations every now and then. As a kid my family traveled somewhere new almost every other weekend due to my sisters gymnastics meets. My sister got a full ride scholarship to Iowa State for gymnastics so my parents did not have to pay anything for her education, but it is going to be different for me. I am going to be able to get a lot of it paid for, but not all. My parents are at a position where they make a good amount of money but not enough to just pay for my schooling. They are probably in the middle of middle
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