Narrative Essay About The Ghost Boy

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Once I started reading the Ghost Boy, I couldn’t stop. Not only because it was related somehow to something I have seen but because it was interesting and a deeply moving story. The one thing that surprised me the most was how a healthy 12-year-old boy that stated with a sore throat got so sick to the point of not being able to move. As easy as it sounds, it amazes me how incredible the human body is but at the same time how vulnerable it can be. We are undoubtedly responsible for keeping our body healthy if it is within our reach. Martin's story led me to think that we are all vulnerable to any illness and any of us could be in a situation just like his. Undeniably, it is impressive how he had the strength to endure so long trapped without…show more content…
This takes me to the last response, which I have never think and talked to any family member about any kind of life end scenarios. The only thing I have talked to my parents is that if some day I die, I hope not soon, I would like for them to donate my organs. Of course, this is after I die, but I haven’t had any serious talks about a situation where they must decide if I live or if I die. As the youngest of ten, if one of those life end scenarios comes to reality at least one of my family member would not agree that my life is taken some way. Yet, if I chose to let them know about my preferences in such situations, I believe they would do their best to understand but I still believe they would never agree to let me die in any kind of situations. Overall, I really enjoyed reading these sections of the Ghost Boy, and it really made me think how vulnerable but amazing our body and mind is. It made me think of how we live day by day, sometimes ignoring what is around us and keeping ourselves busy. Sometimes complaining about insignificant things while there are people suffering more than us. Instead, “treat everyone with kindness, dignity, compassion, and respect whether or not you think they understand or not - never under estimate the power of the mind…” Martin
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