Narrative Essay About The Light House

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The light house
It was morning time and Peanut was sound asleep in his bag when he heard Barbara say Peanut wake up we are at our next adventure. Peanut jumped out of his bag he was excited to see what the next adventure was Peanut stood at the top of his bag so he could see out the window. He could see the ocean he could see different types and sizes of boats some had fishing poles others had big sales each boat was very different and they all had unique names. Barbara told Peanut we are going to a lighthouse . If you look in the distance you can see it. Barbara pointed out the lighthouse to Peanut he was so excited he jumped up and down and did flips. Barbara said are you ready Peanut? he jumped to the front of his cage Barbara put her hand into Peanuts cage and
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Carla started to explain all about the lighthouse as they walked they could see the lighthouse was very old as they walked up the stairs they were very steep and narrow. Carla said when we've reached 100 steps we will take a couple minutes to rest. By the time they reached the top of the lighthouse 30 min. had passed. Carla explained that the lighthouse keeper could go from the bottom to the top of the steps in eight minutes. Lighthouse keepers were so used to the steps it was like second nature to them. As they stood at the top of the lighthouse Peanut looked at the a huge lantern in the center. Peanut was so excited he was in a real lighthouse he imagined he was a lighthouse keeper guiding the light to greet all ships and sailors into port safely. Peanut felt that this was such an important job!. Once they tour was over and down the steps they climbed when they reached the bottom they went outside so Barbara could take pictures for her RV trip scrap book. Peanut and Barbara went for a walk on the beach the sand was soft. Barbara sat on a rock with Peanut on her shoulder he felt his long tail blowing in the wind he imagined that he was a sailor on a ship looking for the lighthouse
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