Narrative Essay About The Tunnel

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The tunnel exists to testify the significance of seeking the light, the light required to survive the pitch black darkness of the tunnel testifies the magnitude of the light at the end of the tunnel and the latitude of promised destinations of eternity.
In enigmas of the unseen that reveal themselves to the living seen but seeing among the dead in spirit of, like a student who left his master’s study circle halfway his course, thinking enthusiastically he is well acquainted with the entire curriculum of understanding, his A..W.O.L detachment from the circle maximizes the intelligence of those he left behind making his average, even though he will raise the IQ of the ignorant from ground zero to average who revere his IQ as maximum still he
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I’m piling up easy pickings of social stamina with valued writing as a feeler social skill among the peanut butter fem, when I sat still gimmicks aside in death row silence on a benchmark of imagination, and the mind spoke with lips of epistemology as the sun went down enterprisingly, and passion lights exposing demijohn shaped opposites became bright surprisingly with a strange woman as we turned to be refugees from reason occupied with intimate treason and I asked myself, how can actions fail my speech, and how can speech fail my…show more content…
Sit still like Paul radioactive in showmanship and be poised as a rude boy listener who calls them chicks mistaking strength for competence, fighting to protect their humiliation those who are fighting to protect their sanctity. I sit still and call them birds of courage flapping wings of virtue soaring Divine with shamrock wombs in clover with stages of life and connections to the primordial, shame upon the son of so and so who said life is a B-word when dumped by she whom he took to pub chambers sipping shandies for leisure time and failed to have a
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