Narrative Essay About True Friends

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Hard times will always reveal true friends
When I started 7th grade in Cooper middle school I did not have many friends and the friends that I did have were not very good friends and I did not like them a lot. But then I began to show my personality and was a lot more social and I became a lot more friendly so I got a lot of new friends and a few enemies too and this time I actually really liked those friends unlike my last group of friends which I did not like so much. So now that I began to get a lot of new friends I started to hang out with my friends more often and I get invited to a lot of more stuff and started texting more people and just got a lot more busy than I was before. And now that I was more busy it had an upside and a downside, the upside was that I got to hang out with my friends a lot more, and the downside was that since I was more busy I could not do as many things because I was busy with my friends so I was a lot more limited to doing some things I was also on social media a lot more and posting a lot more stuff than before I also more social medias than before so I can comunicate with my friends more.
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I am not going to change my personality just because someone does not like it so I also sometimes have to stand up for myself when people are bullying me because they do not like my personality. And I know that my friends always have my back for example One time a person named sam acker was bullying me and all of my friends help me get though the time and they told me how to stand up for myself and I did standup for myself and then sam acker was not bullying me anymore and my friends really helped me out with

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