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True Love On the 31st of December 1979, in the evening Abhilipsa first had a glance at all the New Year greeting cards she had received from her friends and relatives, and then she started reading a letter. By reading the first two lines, tears rushed down her cheeks and formed patches on the white paper. She felt melancholic and relived her past. She was considered the best singer of her college in Jamshedpur. Her classmate Sagar adored her voice. For him her songs were as melodious as the nightingale’s. Once when she sang on stage, her performance was so splendid that Sagar was enamoured. He met her after the program was over and audience had left. She was also fond of him because he was the topper in their class and he was handsome. They…show more content…
They appreciated her method of teaching. Three months went by. One evening she met Malay, a friend of Sagar, and they spoke for an hour. She told him all that happened to her in the last four years, right after her marriage. Malay gave Sagar Abhilipsa’s residential address. A week later, on the 31st of December 1979, Abhilipsa received a New Year greeting card and letter from Sagar. After reading this letter she weeped and expressed in a shivering voice, “ Oh Sagar, you still exist in my heart. This letter has assured me that our love is true. Both of us have sacrificed for each other, you by not getting married and I by isolating myself from my husband. Physical presence is least important, now I know that your love is always there with me. Tomorrow it is the first day of the New Year 1980, and the beginning of my new life. Henceforth I will not miss you at every moment. Your love will give me the courage and the strength to live my life as an independent woman.” This is her decision because in India a sacrifice is the symbol of true and pure love. As long as their love for each other is true and pure, it is enough; for her a second marriage is

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