Narrative Essay About Vacations

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Everything happened last summer during vacation. Every year my family plans some wild, adventurous trip, and last year we were going to visit some of the states in the northeastern United States. The trip was going fine until we arrived at the state of New Hampshire. We were going to camp there for a few days, and that was when my parents announced that we were all going to climb Mount Washington. I was not too thrilled by this idea, in fact, I was relatively annoyed. Let me just say, that I did not want to climb to the top of Mount Washington. The thought of climbing this mountain just did not interest me. In the past, we had done many other pretty extreme hikes, and I wondered why this one would be any different. My parents, on the other hand, were both very enthusiastic about this. However, my brother fell somewhere in between, interested, yet not. Despite my parents’ opinions about the climb, I still tried to protest, saying that it would not be that great. Until the day of the hike finally came.

I was still not thrilled about having to climb Mount Washington, but I had accepted the fact that my parents were not going to change their minds about their decision. When the day of the great hike had finally came, my family woke up early so that we would have enough time to go to the top and back. Then we packed snacks for the journey, lunches for the peak, and plenty of water for along the way. After that, we left our campsite and drove to the base of the mountain where
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