Narrative Essay About Wrestling

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I was not ready. That was always my excuse. But I never knew how much fun it was to lose. Wrestling was a sport I have wanted to do since at least my sixth grade year, if not earlier. Physical contact sports always intrigued me, and I wanted nothing more than to play them. Hockey, football, soccer, wrestling, they all appealed to me in more ways than one, but my mother only ever let me play soccer. She had that old fashioned thinking, and believed that girls should be cheerleaders and volleyball players. Which of course, I am in those sports as well, but they are not enough. Sure, I love to cheer and play an extremely intense version of “do not let the balloon hit the floor”, but the sports never really reached and sucked me in. I was never entertained watching professional cheerleaders or volleyball players, or even watching the varsity team play. If I was not playing or cheering, then I was not interested. I have absolutely no desire to be part of a college team, and I am not going to pressure my children into doing them either. …show more content…

For at least four years I wanted to wrestle. I do not know why, I did not even watch real wrestling, only WWE, which I knew was scripted. But finally, my sophomore year of high school, my mom let me wrestle. Why, you might ask? Why would she suddenly have a change of heart? Because, she set a prerequisite. Lose twenty pounds. Something I had tried so many, many times to do and never succeeded. She thought I could not do it, just like everyone else, but I did it. So finally, I could wrestle. I was a slow learner, but I had a tremendous amount of heart, and I tried my best. For a large majority of the season, however, I was injured. A certain individual decided he did not like me, and did an illegal move over and over while coach was not watching, and my shoulder is still screwy to this day because of

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