Snow Day Narrative Essay

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Abigale Marta January 23, 2018 Narrative Essay College Composition 5th December Baby Longs for Snow Eight years ago, I woke up on a Wednesday morning, ran to the front door and peeked out the frosted window to see blankets of snow over the streets. My mom informed me that school was cancelled and I was going to stay home all day. Every kid around our area knows the excitement a kid feels from the words “snow day”. Not only was it a snow day, but it was my tenth birthday. I hurriedly packed on layers of clothes and ran across the street to my best friend’s grandma’s house. My knuckles ached as I knocked on her door, anxious for her grandson to come out and enjoy the snow with me. We spent hours going sledding, building igloos and my favorite, pelting each other with snow balls. Every couple of hours we would head inside to fuel up with hot chocolate and then we would be back at it in the snow. It was the dreamiest day of that winter. I can remember squinting my eyes as they adjusted to the brightness that radiated from the surrounding white…show more content…
I grew up loving the snow. As I grew, so did my love for the fluffy white magic that falls from the sky. However, every year, there seems to be less and less snow. The University of Colorado Boulder wrote an article that addressed the difference in mountain habitats over the years. Their example poster reveals a current image that lacks snow and color. The Denver Post created a timeline of Colorado’s most historic blizzards. Our state went from 45.8 inches in 1913 to 19.5 inches in 2016. My heart longs for blizzard bombarded towns and snowmen on every block. I remember snowfall being a regular occurrence and not being interrupted by a few sunny days in the middle of the week. One of my greatest wishes is for snow to be normal again. Even though it does not fall the way it used to, it was special enough back then to last me a
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