Narrative Essay: Calvin's Life

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A long hot and dry summer day during the afternoon, Calvin was a outside person and he wasn’t scared to get injured or cut.Also Calvin was A tall light skin boy with black thick hair wearing a baseball cap with a dusty white t-shirt and shorts. His hobby was mainly baseball, he has been playing for a total of 4 years, now he is the age of 16. Calvin grew up with his dad and little brother, toby. 2 years before there mom died toby was born. Toby was a kid he like to get dirty everytime he plays around, he always took risks and he would never quit. Toby was short a slightly dark skin compared to his brother, he has short thin black hair and his hobby is being crafty.

Two weeks before the death mom she gave Calvin a special baseball with a written message in light blue ink saying, “Calvin you are gonna accomplish your goal and be successful in life, never give up”. Calvin thinks about how much he misses his mom, he never gave up on baseball until he makes it. Few Months passed and Calvin and toby went roaming through the neighborhood and found a old baseball field near a junkyard.

Toby said with excitement,“ Woah, Calvin Look! you could practice here everyday”.
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Toby looking worried as Calvin said “That was close, The fence almost feld”. Toby and Calvin jogged home and got their equipment and called over their friends Speedy, Carl, Bobby, And Ed to play and a game. As They Set-up they told their friends about the dog, Toby explained Sarcastically, “It charged at us like a speeding bullet and nearly torn down the fence”. As they listened to the story Ed Talking about a myth saying “I heard that a kid once cross that gate and never came back”. Speedy Said in a humorous voice“ He probably couldn 't out run that dog like I can”. Carl Said “ Not funny speedy that kid could have been killed”. Toby yelled “Lets play some baseball ok”. Toby ran around and marked the Diamond. Calvin flipped a coin to determine who pitches or bats
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