Narrative Essay: Dan's Driving

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Dan’s Driving High schoolers awake prior to visible sunlight and stumble out of bed, dreading the stressful studies of public education. Facing a variety of struggles each morning from the alarm failing to go off to spilling coffee on the paper they spent the whole night perfecting, their attitudes worsen. Hoping for a peaceful moment during breakfast, they grab a cereal box from the cupboard and discover emptiness. Now, the lethargic and irritable teen has reached frustration. If any positivity can turn this day around before school begins, it must occur during the trip there; for those who do not drive, the horrors of riding a bus stare them in the face. School buses have a setting entirely reliant on the driver. Of course, student’s actions potentially form a lively atmosphere, but they must abide by the driver’s rules and fit his expectations or suffer punishment. On bus 12, Dan sits behind the wheel, but receives more recognition for driving everyone insane rather than actually driving. Atrocious motor skills combined with his coarse personality evokes anger in each passenger, including myself. Arguably, as long as…show more content…
Whether it be direct misconduct of Dan himself or his flaws forcing others to make fatal decisions, threats remain and should be recognized. By making the outside person of an overcrowded seat fall into the aisle during a turn or inflicting anxiety and injury from his braking, nobody else could be blamed for such instances. On the other hand, avoiding being early or by driving below the speed limit, which he almost always does, creates risks with surrounding cars on the road. Dan’s restriction of speed once led to five cars passing bus 12 on Black River School Road, a hilly path impossible to see beyond. All this occurred simply by him attempting to not exceed the ten minute space he has between arrival and release. Such inconsiderable acts put people inside and around the bus in
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