Narrative Essay For Learning English

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Ever since I was young, I always had a fascination for English. Even in my earliest memories, I was doing English related activities. In elementary school, I participated in many English speech contests. I continued to engage in such activities in middle school, studying English in the most advanced level class and spending much of my time in the school’s English literature club. After 15 years living in Korea, I moved to the United States because my parents wanted me to learn more English. Even though I studied English for so many years, my new environment had a completely new culture and speaking in English was very difficult for me because everyone around me were Americans, who are obviously fluent in speaking English. Studying different…show more content…
Tingle came to my room and comforted me the whole day. To calm me down, she started talking about her own experiences. She told me when she was in university, she got homesick too. Ms. Tingle told me that I was doing great and that all I needed to have is more confidence. After getting encouraged, I did not give up but tried even harder for my finals. Again, Ms. Tingle helped me a lot. I studied in Ms. Tingle’s classroom at every office hour and in the study hall. I think I studied even harder to meet her expectations. After taking finals, I checked my GPA with Ms. Tingle. We were so surprised because I got a very high grade – a 3.9 GPA. She patted my shoulder and said to me with a smile, “I knew you could do it.” Through my school years in the United States, not only was I able to speak better English, but I also gained much confidence, thanks to Ms. Tingle. Even though I studied English before moving to the United States, the new environment made me feel small, making me lose my confidence in learning new things. Now, I am not afraid to face challenges that will come forth. In addition to gaining confidence, I also want to become a good mentor like Ms. Tingle, helping those who are struggling to adapt into a new community and welcoming them with a warm and sincere
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