Narrative Essay: Grandpa's Death Of His Grandfather

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It was a sad moment, Mike had just lost his Grandpa Zachary on his father 's side of Family. Prior, to his death he had heard of the off all his wild, crazy adventures . His was Grandpa was very astute and could face through many challenges like the time he had hike with his younger brother even though he wasn 't good at it at all but, they had won by both working industriously and putting their brains together.His Grandpa had also told him that he was vulnerable at first but after time to time he had become a great man out there ready to face the dangers of the world. Furthermore, into his times he been such an authentic man and never lied to anyone, he had also been so impartial with everyone and made sure nobody felt he was unfair. Nevertheless, one thing Mike liked about his Grandpa the best, was that he had great delicacy for food, so whenever Mike was starving his Grandpa would serve up some his delicious Spaghetti and Meatballs, Zach would just devour it up.…show more content…
His Grandpa was a retired archaeologist, he had been around the world and made new discoveries, including the time when found an Dodo bird 's plumage that was unearthed from the inside of a cave. He had also seen predators attacking their prey from a certain distance, and how cool would that be to watch live. Whenever people said that when his interns used to say something isn 't possible he was on the derogatory side, but he had taught them to do things in a different way instead of quitting. His Grandpa had also had very funny instances like the time he had told me he had seen a mythical creature that he said looked like Big Foot. He thought he was on a verge on of a discovery but he just figmented when he had heard something was rumbling in the woods. As I said my Grandpa is like the coolest person I have ever met. I just wish we had more
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