Narrative Essay: Halloween: The Day Before Halloween

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“Finally!” Kate exclaimed. She just finished putting up all of her Halloween decorations. Halloween was her favorite holiday so she was thrilled. Today was the day before Halloween and Kate was finishing up all of her last minute preparations. Kate headed out the door to get a few more things. First, she stopped at the store to get candy to hand out. Next, she made her way to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins. She needed two for decoration outside. Kate arrived at the pumpkin patch and got two pumpkins. After that, she drove back home. Kate got knives, layed down garbage bags, and sat on the floor to carve her pumpkin. She started carving them but it started to get late and she was getting tired. She only carved one of the pumpkins. She sat them out on her porch. The next morning Kate jumped out of bed with excitement because it was Halloween. Later that Halloween night, she got dressed in her costume. She dressed up as a batman and her friend Marla was going as superman. Marla came over to Kate 's house to help pass out candy. They passed out candy for about an hour and a half. After that, they went to a haunted house with friends. They went through many different haunted houses and trails. When Kate and Marla arrived back at Kate’s house, they noticed something glowing on her front porch. As they walked up they realized that it was the pumpkin that Kate had not carved. The pumpkin was lit up bright orange and glowing. Kate picked up the pumpkin, but nothing about it felt

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