Narrative Essay: I Should Go To The Stampede !

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“We are going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee this summer!” my mom said. My sister and I were very excited to go somewhere for the first time during the summer! My aunt Cheryl and her boyfriend Scott. The day before we were going to leave we needed to find a place to eat. My aunt said, “We should go to The Dixie Stampede!” My mom said, “Okay, I will buy the tickets now!” So we went to The Dixie Stampede! When we got there we went to a pre-show and bought boot cups with blue rasberry slushes. We then went into the main room and got seated. We waited about ten minutes, and that’s when the show began! The show started off by Dolly Parton’s voice coming over the intercom and explaining every think to use about the stampede. The first segment of
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