In We Go Girls Analysis

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“In we go girls” Nani Flowers says, standing up gesturing over at the village women. I move to go with them, but she turns and holds me down.
“Kahu, you stay on the beach, it's too dangerous for you out there, my child.”
“But Nani.” I say I say as I try to wriggle myself out under her grip.
“Stay,” she demands.

The village women come running up to join us. Paka started shouting the same thing over and over again, which was somehow helping the people. “Pull together,” he called, and the locals answered, “Yes, we shall pull together,”. “Return the whale,” Paka cried, “To the ocean,” the locals responded. While they're all shouting and pushing it closer to the ocean, I wanted to help them, so I snuck out from the porch and I went around all the cars, then dove into the water and swam towards the group of beach whales. The Whales started singing with joy as I brushed passed them unnoticed. As the whales spouted water, they start kicking and moving into the water, making the entire village cry with joy. The whales started lifting their massive tails up to the moon, and I start tugging on their fins to help but then their kicks became violent, smashing their tails on the surface of the water, letting the tails fall and crash into the water, cuing the villagers to worry when they realized that it was too
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It started getting really cold, but nothing will, and can’t stop me. Nor can the sharp glass shard like rain, Nor can Uncle Rawiri, who was currently diving in after me. The waves started getting really big. Big enough to send me crashing to the bottom of the sea, but I would then kick so fast, that I would rise right back up to the surface. I was here for a purpose. To save my village. My family. The hardest thing was looking up, and trying to see where I was going and taking breaths at the right time, so I wouldn't drown, and being sure that the whales were still
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