Personal Narrative-My First Day In A New School

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My First Day In A New School My family is always moving for working reasons. We never stick to anything if we see a better opportunity we take it. After nearly living six years in Provo, Utah my dad told my brother and I we would be moving to Topeka, Kansas to open a restaurant. I had to say goodbye to all of my longtime friends. Then by the end of November were finally living in Topeka. On our way Topeka my dad was telling us how great Topeka was but when we arrived I didn’t like it. This might be weird but the first thought I had was why are there so many trees. Don’t get me wrong I love trees but too many are just too much. I was then upset to see that there were no mountains around. After unpacking all of our stuff my dad took us to see the restaurant. The restaurant was really nice and super close to our new home. The next day we were out searching for a school to go to but we first checked online and then went to the closest one. When we got there the staff was super welcoming and everything but then again I was not ready to start school. My brother also was not ready and wanted to leave. After doing…show more content…
I thought people were just going to be saying look at the new student. I really don’t like change at all and it takes me time to get used to it all. I thought no one was going to talk to me but I learned that I should think in a more positive way. After all, I did make some new friends. I don’t know but I am always really shy at first. I wish I was not but I can’t help it. I believe that everything happens for reason. Now looking back I’m that I was myself and everything because to this day I still am friends with my middle school friends. I most importantly learned that I need to relax and just do it because if I don’t I just giving myself stress for no reason. At the end of it all if you are great the day will be better then
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