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My sources of bliss and delight Happiness is a very valuable emotion. Without it, our lives become nothing more than dull actions. There are many things that bring great joy to my life. And while the extent of happiness they provide varies from one thing to another, they are all pleasant to experience. There are two productive activities that I truly enjoy doing. The first is, as you probably know from my previous essays, learning mathematics. It might seem boring, but there is something truly intriguing in thinking deeply about it. I also love what math folks usually refer to as the “aha moment”, the moment where something you have been trying hard to understand or solve suddenly becomes really clear and you wonder why in God’s green earth…show more content…
I am filled with joy every time he chuckles at one of my jokes or gives me a sarcastic look because of something stupid that I wrote. Another thing I enjoy doing is helping people. Well to be honest, not everyone, just those friends I really like. Some of my friends ask me for favors and to explain some concepts on a daily basis. They might think that I am doing them a favor. In reality, they are the ones doing me one! You cannot imagine my joy whenever one of them looks into my eyes and expresses their sincere gratitude and appreciation. It is a very good feeling. One that makes me unbelievably happy! Last Thursday, I was feeling really awful. I was a little sick and nauseated. I had survived with a tiny amount of sleep and knew how hectic my weekend was going to be. I thought that it was going to be a bad day. Well, up until I was leaving the school building and saw a little girl. She looked around seven or eight years old. Anyway, she kept staring at me with a beautiful bright smile on her tiny face. At that very moment, my heart just melted and was filled with extreme happiness! One thing that brings me happiness is when a child smiles at

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