Narrative Essay: Nuclear Jellyfish Of New Jersey

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Narrative Essay The book “Nuclear Jellyfish of New Jersey” was a good book. Even though it is a lower reading level than I should be reading, it was still a interesting book. My favorite character throughout the story was Tony. This story also had lots of qualities in the writing that I liked that I will tell you about. One more thing that I will talk about is how this type of book is for lower reading levels and how I should have challenged myself with a more advanced book. So the first thing I will be talking about is my favorite character in the story. He goes by the name of Tony. Tony is the brother of Isabel in the story and friend of the main character Shayleen. Tony is my favorite character because he always seemed to know what to do in any situation whether it be a…show more content…
The authors way of describing some words left you on the edge of your seat. Some of the words he used to describe nouns were outstanding and they are words that I would never use in my writings, but I will start using them in my everyday language. Another thing I liked about the author's writing is how he left you with questions at the end of a chapter. In the last two paragraphs of a chapter, the author would explain what was happening at that moment and then something good, strange, or bad would happen and it would keep you in suspense until the start of the next chapter. I liked that the author kept me interested in the writing because it reeled me into the story so I didn’t feel the need to start to drift away from it. It kept you into the story and I liked that because of all of the spontaneous details that the author gave to elaborate on his ideas. Most of this story is direct characterization because the author tells you about the characters and then that's how the characters acted and didn’t

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