Narrative Essay Of President Mckinley

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I have made an amazing conclusion after a small talk with President McKinley himself. The man is truly brilliant. I know that not everyone agrees with this, but I believe imperialism is marvelous. We need to build on America, President McKinley told me. “The world is big, and if we let it grow without us, we’ll be left behind and forgotten. Imperialism is the best way for us to expand.” He said. Such a wise man, right? “Well, what does imperialism exactly mean sir?” I asked curiously. “It means we will try to expand our boundaries, and hopefully rule over foreign countries around the globe.” Mckinley replied. “We’ll make the world more modern. Teach them the proper way to act. This would also help establish ourselves economically.” Like I…show more content…
Maine and planted an explosive on the deck. It was said that the suspicious man was asked to leave multiple times after being seen, but the bomb was placed before that. He died as well, which in my opinion, he got his comeuppance. Poor Timothy was so close to the bomb, it killed him almost instantly. As for William, he was farther away and survived! He is actually the one who told me this right now. PRESENT Looking back at this traumatic experience, it makes me dislike Spain even more! McKinley said that we will not have it, and we shall fight Spain because of this tragedy and because we support Cuba. I have recently been reading current news articles, and what I am reading is just unacceptable. These two men have been writing about issues involving Spain, Cuba, and America. Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst are basically competing against each other for publicity. This is giving a major impact on our future plans. The worst part is that people are believing this nonsense! We americans should support Cuba, with their businesses growing in crops like sugarcane. The spanish are pretty much taking it all away. I can see an issue developing, and a war is heading our way- I'm certain of it. THE WAR: A LETTER FROM
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