Narrative Essay On A Baseball Game

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For a young baseball player one of the highest goals to achieve is hitting a homerun -for me that was all I wanted. I already achieved most of what I wanted in baseball, and one of my proudest was a no-hitter, but it was no home run. When I first realized how bad I wanted this feat was one night after a practice where all we did was just hit. The majority of my teammates hit at least one homerun that practice, but me I hit the fence but never was able to send one over. The car ride home after the practice was horrible, I was a mess. I told my mom, “ I’m horrible at this game, I get so close everytime and I just can’t hit a ball over the fence.” She replied with the, Field of Dreams, quote “Build it and they will come.” What she was meaning by that was keep working and doing what I’m doing right now and I’ll…show more content…
I had a feeling that I was gonna pitch that day, so I had to get my mind right. When I got to the field I sat my bag and everything else in the same spot, grabbed my glove, stretched, and started warming up. At the time I was very superstitious and I had to do the same thing every single pregame. Right before the game started my coach talked to all of us and then I would give my pregame speech to hype of the team. Then I ran out to the field and began pitching. It was the change of an inning. I went into the dugout, got my drink of my water and rested my arm for the next inning of pitching. First batter was up for our team, he got a hit. The second batter, strikes out. Then next thing I know is there is two people in front of me before I am up to bat. So I get in my bag to get my batting gloves, helmet, and everything else I needed to go hit. I stand towards the front of the dugout till it is my turn to take some practice swings in the on-deck circle. The batter that was up got walked and now it was my time to do my pre-hit routine in the batters box. I took three swings, then stretch, then talked to people in the crowd to not sike myself out before
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