Narrative Essay On A Bike Accident

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The Bike Accident One day in the late afternoon, maybe like five or six, my friends and I went to hang out. When we got to the place where we were going to hang out, there was a very steep hill, and it was pretty big. Directly in front of the hill was a woody area, like a small forest. If you were to head into the little forest there would be a creek. It was really long and flowed all the way down under a bridge on one side. On the other side it went down all the way to my friends house named Kylee. But it was a very pretty creek with a lot of plants and growth around it, but anyway let’s get on with my story. Kylee and a couple of our other friends went to hang out at the hill. We had our bikes so we decided to ride down the hill on our bikes. After a couple rounds of going down the hill on our bikes then dragging our bikes back up the hill we thought we had a good idea. Our idea was for me to get on the back of Kylee’s bike. So Kylee and I walked all the way back up to the hill. Kylee got on the bike seat and I got onto the back of her bike -on her pegs-. We went down the hill very fast.…show more content…
And before Kylee could even get all the way down the hill I hit my head on the road and tried to catch myself with my hands. When I hit my head I saw stars as some people would call it. I hallucinated and I saw my tooth fall out, but when I got up I checked and none of my teeth had fallen out. All my friends started to laugh because that is just the kind of friends that I have, but they stopped when they noticed I was actually hurt. I got up and I noticed I had bad road rash, a huge bump on my head from it hitting the road, and I was almost certain that I broke my wrist because it hurt really bad and I couldn’t move it. My friends ran to get help, luckily there were some people

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