Narrative Essay On A Disney World

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I woke up one very good morning , at 6:00 in the morning , looking outside of my window seeing the sun almost touching the treetops about to come up to start the day. I finally hop out of bed and get up to go get ready . Once I got ready , I smelled the sensational smell , of dough , cinnamon , brown sugar , and that’s when i burst into the kitchen and saw my dad had made Cinnamon rolls ! I felt so excited I couldn’t contain myself i felt as if you walked out of school on a friday. So I ran to the white , wooden table and waited patiently.
After eating the delicious breakfast , I got packed to go to disney world ! I felt so excited and happy that I actually got to drive to Disney World . I traveled with my Mom and my Sister ,
My Dad said ,“We are meeting them in tuscaloosa.”
I replied , “ Ok dad ,I will pack now .”
“Make sure you pack a bathing suit!” my Dad yelled
I yelled back “ yes sir !”
I felt thrilled to see all the
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The next day , I woke up , ready and so excited for disney . * i noticed that i would get to see all the characters and to give them all hugs and say hi . we all eventually got up and got ready to go to all the amusement parks , i had as much energy as a red bull could give to a person . The first we went to frontier land . frontier land is the place where you would find the kyote and the road runner . where it is very western-like with tall mountains and dry places . I was scared to go on some rides ( mind you me being six at the time ) . i did go on the log ride with the water splash at the bottom . we also went on the train ride , which was a lot of fun to go on . after all the rides we rode , we went back to the hotel and went to sleep because we all tried at the end of the day
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