My Uncle Boone Short Story

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I rolled over and hit snooze for the third time and dozed back into a soft peaceful sleep. I heard Thomas Rhett softly singing Leave Right Now but only realized it’s my alarm going off again and was now 5:46 a.m. Boone was going to be here in less then ten minutes. I launched off my half deflated air mattress and quickly got dressed into my warm oversized hunting gear. I grabbed some rice crispy bars and threw them in my pocket for a late breakfast. I packed a mug of freshly brewed Maxwell coffee and sat by the door. Boone finally arrived ten minutes late like always and we left for our morning adventure. We drove in silence down the dark back roads of Blue Earth County until we pulled off the road into a quiet field. One of Boones friends Troy also called Buck was already waiting at the field edge for us. It was a mid November morning…show more content…
My Uncle Boone was amazed that I hit three birds in three shots something he doesn’t do every often. Buck complimented my impressive wing shooting for my age and little duck and goose hunting experience I had. I offered to go and find the ducks in the field since we didn’t bring any of our hunting dogs along. I scanned the ground to find the ducks that seem to mysteriously disappear once they hit they ground. I found the two drake green heads my uncle shot, my two drake green heads and one hen green head, and bucks one green head before I walked back to the decoy spread. I was nearly one hundred yards away when I heard the loud honk of the canada goose. I dropped the ducks and dove onto the practically frozen dirt to get ready to shot. I turned on my back and laid my Benelli shotgun across my muddy legs. The geese came racing across the field and dive into the crowd of decoys. I was too far to shoot the geese but I heard “shoot” and watched as Boone and Buck shot the entire flock of six
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