Narrative Essay On A Little Girl

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It's a normal weekend for Lucy until her parents surprise her with a picnic on the lake. They prepared a nice lunch and she was super excited, but she didn't know how much I could really scare her. Her brother talks about how much fun it is to go to the lake and go swimming, but he doesn't have the same fear that Lucy didn't know she has of me. I could feel that she was coming, I knew it was going to be another great scare. Her parents were very happy that they finally got a day to drive up to the lake and take Lucy to go swimming because she has never been before. They got into the car and I knew she already had a strange feeling that she wouldn't like me. The whole car ride she was debating whether she was happy she decided…show more content…
They got out of the car and walked down the trail I began to see her and thought I could never scare a little girl that young. I tried to forget about it, but with how much they act like I'm not there really makes me mad so I'm going to show them I'm here. The little girl will never forget about this she will be so frightened she will never watch…show more content…
She started getting a little nervous and headed back towards shore. When she was almost there, but still in a position where she couldn't see the bottom I started to form a swirl motion in the water in front of her. As soon as she saw it she stopped breathing and her heart started pounding faster and harder. It began to move faster and pull her down she started screaming so loud and she was so scared she forgot to keep swimming. I watched and I began to feel bad, but then something in me told me to keep pulling her down and show her I'm not something you can just forget about. As she went under I knew she would never come back. I held her under a little longer letting her struggle and try to reach the to. After watching her and trying to make myself enjoy it I let her go back to the top, I couldn't watch her fail when my power could easily take her down, it wasn't

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