Narrative Essay On A Road Trip

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Road Trip On the summer before I went to kindergarten, my parents brought my sister and I, to Yellowstone National Park. My parents didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on either getting, train tickets or plane tickets. We had decided to drive to Montana and Wyoming and we planned to stay a night at my Uncle Steve’s house. My uncle was thirteen years older than my dad and at the time Steve was married and had two teenage kids. Our trip was planned to last one week and to visit many major tourist attractions of Yellowstone. My parents wanted to visit some places like, Old Faithful and Devils Tower. We had plans to, also, visit tourist attractions in the area that would be memorable for our family. When we started on our trip, we had a twelve…show more content…
Our dad was driving fast through the mountains so someone was bound to feel sick. We had been driving fast to be able to get to the waterfalls that were in the mountains my sister had started feeling sick so we pulled over at one of the waterfalls and she had to hurl over the side of the road into a waterfall. My family decided to go slower through the mountains then and then head to our next destination the next day. Our next destination was Devils Tower in Wyoming. We drove up to the tourist attraction and we went to a gift shop near it. It was really cool to see the inside layer of a volcano. The next day we had decided to go to our last destination in Yellowstone. Our last destination for Yellowstone was to visit Old Faithful. The geyser was very large and was the first geyser I had ever seen. The walkway to the geyser was long and filled with many other tourists that wanted to see the wonder. The geyser erupts every thirty to sixty minutes. When we had gotten to the geyser, it had only been about twenty minutes since it erupted. We had to wait about forty minutes for the geyser to erupt again. When it erupted, we could hear many of the other tourists cheer for the

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