Narrative Essay On A Slice Of Life

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A Slice of Life
People say that love is the most powerful thing in the world. That may be true to some degree but in my experience its fear that can change anyone's life on a brink of an eye. There are many types fears, such as a near-death experience or an accident, the fear of failure or fear of the unknown and everyone has one or more. My first real taste of fear was when I was in my teen, between the age of 13 and 14 years old, made me realize that I had no appreciation what I had and not taking advantage of thing that was in front of me.
It all started with me standing over a sink with a bleeding thumb, one chilly Tuesday afternoon in mid-October, which was not part of my evening plan. My mom was preparing to bring my younger siblings to their evening classes, leaving me alone for a few hours. Thinking of having those hours to do whatever I wanted, I quickly finished my homework and started preparing for dinner, pulling out the ingredients, cutting the vegetables and the meat.
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Standing over the sink, with blood slowly spreading over the paper towel, I stood there waiting for Mom to calm down. Since it is a known fact that you do not interrupt your mother when she is angry. After a minute, I called her over and when she saw the blood, she had to quickly look away. It is not that she could not take the sight of blood, but like most mother, they cannot stand the sight of their children hurt in that way.
I decided that the kitchen was not the best place right now to clean and bandage the would I moved to the bathroom across the house, leaving a trail of heavy droplets of blood behind me. In the bathroom, I pulled back the now red and wet paper towel away from my thumb. As I cleaned the blood away from the cut, I saw that the blade had made a clean cut at an angle and about five millimeters through my nail. With a little help from my Mom, the bleeding stopped, and we were able to dress the
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