Personal Narrative Essay: My Love Of American Football

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It was a hot July night. The softball game that had been scheduled, was cancelled because the other team was short 2 players. Right after the umpires called the game, the girls showed up. So, instead of completely wasting everyone's night, the coaches decided it would be a good idea to have a scrimmage. It would be good practice for everyone. It was around 8:45 and I was standing at third base. The lights were shining on the fields and there were bugs everywhere. I was pretty relaxed because it was just a scrimmage and it was okay if we lost. Margaret was up to bat. The pitcher pitched the ball and it rolled right past the catcher. I remember a cloud of dust and a loud cracking noise. It felt like when you are trying really hard to crack your knuckles but you can’t and it hurts really bad, that’s what it sounded like too, but amplified by a thousand times. It took a second for me to feel the pain, there was…show more content…
We didn’t get there until around 11 or 12 because it’s kind of difficult to go places with a broken ankle. We luckily didn’t have to sit in the waiting room for long but at least the were playing a good movie on the television, it was The Good Dinosaur. We got put into a room and then about 5 minutes later took me to go get an x-ray. When I was getting the x-ray, I accidently stood and my ankle and it really hurt. When I got back into the room the gave me some really nice socks and then they left. People kept coming in and out until finally about 5 hours later, they gave me some pain killers that made me loopy and put the cast on. I was mad because they didn’t even give me a choice of having a waterproof cast, so I had to go the rest of summer, until I got my boot, without swimming. They had to teach me how to walk on the crutches and I was really bad at it, but now I’m really good at
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