The Island: A Short Story

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A man and his daughter are stranded on an unknown island after a storm crashed their ship and they meet a monkey and take him home with them. But his wife Ishamiphe and his son Sam don’t know where they are. Me and pop were travelling on a cruise ship to America from Ireland but a disaster happend, there was a storm. The storm struck the ship, and it started to sink. So pop and I jumped off so that we wouldn’t be sucked down with the ship. We started swimming for shore. We were on an island. We did not know what island it was. When we walked around the ground was soft but also sticky and there were no animals to be seen, not even a spider. We wondered what we were going to do. "Don’t…show more content…
We didn’t know what it was, we kept looking behind us but couldn’t see anyone or thing. Then we looked up and that there were monkeys following us. I was so scared, i thought they were going to attack us, so pop and i stated running back to shore. She looked behind her and saw that her pop wasn’t there, so she ran back into the jungle looking for him. She called his name but he didn’t answer her, she was lost and didn’t know what to do. She then started crying, she then felt something touch her shoulder, she turned her head slowly and saw that it was a nice cute monkey. He jumped on the floor and took her by the hand to bring her to where her pop was. He was wrapped up in some sort of weeds and couldn’t get out. She didn’t know what to do!!. Then her pop told her to take the knife out of his pocket and cut the weeds. I got him out and we went running back to shore. We were so scared!!. When were we going to get to go home we didn’t know. We heard branches breaking so we looked behind and there was a monkey. He had an arm full of sticks and weeks. He started tieing them together one by one. It turned out that he was making a bottom for a boat. We tried to help him but we couldn’t, it just

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