Narrative Essay On A Traumatizing Experience

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In late February of 2014, a couple of my friends and I went through a traumatizing experience. We decided to drive around Marion after school one day, everything was going smoothly, then took a turn for the worst.
It was Destini and I in the back with Carrie driving and MaKayla in the passenger seat, we were all talking about a topic we thought of randomly. We were driving around Marion and eventually got tired of driving down the same roads so we switched it up and headed out to the country. Everything was going good, but then in a split second everything changed. Carrie lost control of the car on the gravel road because she hit a soft spot going 65 mph and we began to fishtail which then turned into spinning into a complete 360. The car spun 3 times doing 360’s the whole time, we went into the ditch and broke a fence and we barley nicked an electrical pole, we landed on all four tires back onto
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Carrie’s mom was not sure on how we were all going to get back to Marion. After halfway of walking back, someone drove on the road and stopped and asked us if we needed a ride. We rode back into town with the lady and she dropped us all off at the school where I told my mom, a couple hours later we were all supposed to go back to Marion for the police report that was being made. The police officer was very curious on how we did not roll or how none of us died, which made all of us thank God for watching over all of us.
We got home from the police report and my mom decided to take me into the emergency room to make sure everything was okay since I was having knee issues before the accident and because I hit my head. We arrived at the emergency room and found out that I had a concussion, but nothing bad was wrong with my knee. I was done with basketball that season due to the concussion, which was not what I wanted to
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