Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Titanic

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My wonderful visit to the titanic It was April 5 1912 my family was returning back to New York. My father bought 5 brand new tickets for the Titanic’s first sail to New York. My luggage was about 3 lbs worth, Jennifer my sister on the the other hand has 15 lbs worth. After 5 days we got rode a carriage to the dock where the titan size ship stood proud. When we walked on we saw all of the beautiful handcrafted work done in the ship. My father gave me some polished wood keys to our third class room. I walked down a beautiful grand staircase, I kept walking down the stairs until I got to third class. I look for 3, 20, after looking for what seemed like hours I found the room and unlocked it to reveal a small room with 2 bunks and a sink. I was disappointed by the small contensed room we had to sleep in. I waited in their until my family entered. I waited for at least four…show more content…
“Were going to die!” my sister screamed. The whole bow was starting to sink. My family agreed to jump in the water away from the bow so that we didn’t get chopped up in to pieces. We all looked at each other and plunged into the deep blow, it was like being buried alive. It was like I was being sucked under, but I kept stoking up. I couldn’t hold my breath for much longer. Then I reached the surface gasping for air, a lifeboat came and saved me then my mother. We couldn’t find my brother or father or sister. We waited hours for a boat to arrive. When it got to us we looked for the rest of my family, I saw a middle aged man with a long hair bushy hair. “Dad!” I yell tears running down my eyes. But when I saw his face it wasn’t my dad. After searching for my family we only found my older brother. Turns out my father died from hyperthermia and my sister couldn’t reach the surface in time and drowned. This happened twenty years ago and I still wish we never went on the ship. I will go to their memorial everyday until the day I
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