Narrative Essay On Airplanes

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We walked around the plane and examined it. It was amazing that a machine this big could fly like the birds. After a few more minuets passed by, Keith surprised us by saying that the biplane was his and that he would let us take a ride in it with him if we wanted to. I eagerly turned to our father, who was smiling, and asked him if I could. He said that it would be alright. I could not believe it, I was going to get to ride in an airplane! Keith ran back into the the building and returned with a big leather bag. He opened the bag and pulled out two leather helmets, then he handed me one and put the other one on his head. It was a little big for me, but Keith said that it would do for now. He tightened the straps on his helmet and then mine. Caleb had said that he did not want to fly in the airplane so it would be just Keith and me. We walked over to the plane, Keith lifted me into one of the seats then climbed into the other. He started the engine and we started to move forward. We taxied down to the end of the runway and then turned around. I waved to my…show more content…
For three years I had studied airplanes and had decided to enter the military as a pilot. I traveled to an airbase in California and there I enlisted in the United States military. There I had intense training on how to fly the latest fighter jet, the F4- phantom. The F4-phantom is a sleek and fast fighter and I am proud to be a pilot of such a magnificent plane. While in pilot training I met Mike Johnson. Mike was the same age as me and we quickly became best friends. We are currently stationed in a secret base in California. In 1955 the Vietnam war started. Mike and I were nervous that we would be deployed to Vietnam. We had never flown in combat, only simulations. In June of 1955 our squadron was informed that we would be deployed to Vietnam on August 1. The whole squadron was allowed a months leave. I decided to go and see my family in Texas, I had not seen them in a

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