Personal Narrative: My Trip To Alabama

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Alabama Trip
My mom and and dad told me in December that we were going to Gulf Shores, Alabama to visit my grandparents.Gulf Shores is the southernmost town in Alabama, located on the north coast of the Gulf of Mexico. I have been there twice when I was little. I remember that I collected seashells and went swimming with Boppa in the pool. I felt happy that I was going to Alabama again. I like seeing my grandparents and I like that they are still there. I think the weather is going to be warm and I am thinking about having a fun time when I am there. I was very happy to hear my mom and dad tell me that I was going to Alabama.

“What are we going to do when we go to Alabama?” I asked my dad.
“We are going to be doing something fun,” said
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I did not see any dolphins in the morning but my grandparents told me that we were going to go see some dolphins on a dolphin cruise. Because Gulf Shores is on the Gulf of Mexico dolphins like to ride the waves when boats go out. We drove to the dolphin cruise place and we got on the boat. There were lots of old people on the boat. My sisters and I were the only kids on the boat. At first the boat went slow and the driver turned on some loud music. All of a sudden we saw some dolphins riding the waves. They were jumping and playing just like children! I was so happy to finally see dolphins. It looked like they were having fun. I had fun…show more content…
It was an indoor trampoline park. When we got there my sisters went and jumped on the trampolines they had. They did some obstacles, some flips, swung from the ropes, played dodgeball and basketball. My sisters and I had a fun time while we were at the Factory because we had the whole place to ourselves. After leaving the Factory we stopped at a souvenir shop. It had a shark mouth for the door, and I really like sharks. At the store I found a blue shark that my mom bought for me. In the late evening my family, and my grandparents had dinner at The Oyster
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