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I always get a bit nervous on the drive to NYC, not only from the thought of driving in city traffic, but there’s always the small chance I’ll get arrested. New York body painter Andy Golub is a huge advocate for performance art and body acceptance, but I like body painting just for the thrill of it. It’s only legal through a tiny loophole in New York state law. There’s nothing more terrifying than stripping naked in the middle of Times Square. The empowerment of actually doing it however is absolutely intoxicating.
Andy Golub likes to push the envelope. He loves painting and has an insatiable urge to paint on everything he sees. Nothing is safe from his paintbrush, not rocks, shoes, or even cars. Then one day he decided to paint the torso of an old mannequin he discovered laying around a friend’s art studio and he was struck with an idea. What would happen if he decided to paint live people? What started out as an experiment in a studio soon went to the streets of busy Manhattan and Andy was off like a rocket. He had found his calling.
I stumbled upon Andy’s work through a mutual friend on Facebook. The minute I saw the photographs of the models I instantly
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Andy thanks all of us for our time, we wiggle back into our clothes and decided to explore a bit before heading home. We say our goodbyes, then wander the city and giggle at the openmouthed stares and shocked round eyes inside the faces of the people who don’t know what to make of us. We end our day with two slices each of hot, gooey, Brooklyn style eggplant pizza washed down with some frosty vanilla cokes. It was delicious, and it sets me up perfectly to fall asleep the instant the wheels of the car start rolling their way towards home, belly full and thoughts of names for baby girls on the brain as the rhythmic jostling of the car and the exhaustion of early pregnancy carry me off into a comfortable sleep that lasts until we make it

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