Narrative Essay On Anne Frank

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For your thirteenth birthday what did you receive? Shoes, chocolate, maybe a few new outfits, but Anne Frank for her thirteenth birthday received a diary that would soon be a part of history. For the Frank family, who was living in hiding, life was tough. They were forced to be completely silent for a majority of the day, not being able to talk, use the restroom, and only moved when necessary. Although, through these times Anne was just enjoying what life offered, even though she was contained within a limited space. She, even though just a young teen had the courage and generosity that countless numbers of people never amount to in their lifetime. In an entry dated in 1944 she states, “In spite of everything, I still believe that people…show more content…
Anne shouted, ‟I’m going to be remarkable! I’m going to study music and art. I’m going to be a famous dancer or singer or something wonderful.” Even with the lack of money and supplies, she managed to give everyone Hanukkah gifts for the first night. This was not a joint effort Anne thought of it herself and surprised everyone with gifts to suit them personally. Anne did not like all of the people she stayed with, like Mr. Dussel, but she did not discriminate. That could explain why she said that she believes people kindhearted deep down. Anne could have decided to hate Dussel and skip his Hanukkah gift, but she did anyway and that contributes to the quotes later said about others. Anne was optimistic and looked on the bright side of everything. She said in the play ‟Don’t say that, it’s so wonderful to see them! I can smell the wind and the cold on your clothes.” From that quote it would have been easy for her to say that she wishes she could step outside and she hates being cooped up all the time. Instead, Anne even though she may have felt that way, she was conservative and only spoke optimistic thoughts. The war was getting worse and worse each day, but she found something to be excited about. Anne still had dreams and aspirations, including becoming someone
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