Narrative Essay On Appearance And Ethnicity

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Narrative Essay
Sometimes I wonder why some people are mean to others by their appearance or ethnicity. One time I learned that not everyone sees you the same, when I heard students in class saying people wanted to fight Latinos after school, when a random person hit me and when I realized that I wasn 't going to let what happened to me affect me for the rest of my life.
It all started, in middle school when I learned that not everyone sees you the same. I was in math class doing my work when all of a sudden I hear two girls saying how they wanted to walk out of school or call their parents to pick them up. They started telling us that African Americans were going to fight Latinos afterschool. I didn 't pay too much attention because I didn’t know they were being serious. As the day went on I saw students scared and having conversations about it while others were planning on walking out. At lunch everything seemed normal so I forgot about it. When school was over I got out of class and met up with two of my friends Ana and Leslie to go home. Outside of the school seemed normal like it always does so we thought it was
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Finally I realized that I wasn’t going to let it affect me anymore. It was affecting my personal life to the point that I wasn’t able to do what I used to do before. It didn’t affect me right away but little by little I couldn’t go to the store alone or be in the street by myself because I wouldn’t feel safe. I would rather stay home all the time and make excuses just to not leave the house. I couldn’t be around to much people because I would get overwhelmed. It got to the point where I was tired of overthinking and being scared so I started doing things on my own again. I still don’t understand how people can have so much hate towards someones ethnicity. What I do know is that I am proud of being Latina and what happened to me never made me change the way I think about others. I still think we are all the same and everyone deserves equal
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