Personal Narrative: My Life After Cancer

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Aunt With Cancer “There's your life before cancer and there's your life after cancer. I can't say it didn't happen, because i've learned so much from it.-Rebecca Bluestone”. It was a day like no other. Little did I know that the day had started bad but later during that day it would get worse. It all started with a phone call one that no one could ever forget and it would change not only my aunts life but my whole family's life forever. We were a close family everyone talked very often, we would drive hours to see each other because most of our family lived in Franklin. I would go spend summers with my aunt and family that lived in Franklin. Whenever I was about 6 I didn’t know what the word Cancer meant, all I knew was that it was often said and it would make my family very emotional. It was about 2 years after that when I realized what the world meant. It wasn’t just a word we would say that brought emotions anymore it was a word that meant fight or die to me.…show more content…
Whenever I got there I walked in the door of my grandmothers house with a smile on my face because I was so happy to see everyone but when I was greeted at the door by my grandmother crying I knew something was wrong because she never cried at least not in front of me. I asked what was wrong but all she could say was go put your stuff down and and come back to the table there is something we need to talk about. For a second I thought I had done something wrong but it wasn’t me it was my aunt. She had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and was going to need a lot of
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