Babyshower Short Story

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Babyshower The day I heard that my oldest sister Maddie was pregnant the thing that I thought of was BABY SHOWER! I was so excited to start planning the baby shower, but we had to wait to figure out what the gender of the baby we going to be. After what felt like years but was only a few months, we finally find out. Everyone was thinking it was going to be a boy because Maddie’s husband, Kelby, didn’t have any brothers and my sister maddie only had one brother. When they got home from the baby doctor Abbi and I asked her what the baby was and she said it is a girl. Kelby was pretty sad that it wasn’t a boy, but Maddie was so happy that it was a girl. While we were sitting there me and Abbi asked what the name was going to be, but she didn’t know yet. Well a couple of weeks passed since Abbi and I have been to their house so we decided to go on over there and spend the night. Once we got to there house I asked her what the baby’s name is going to be and she said she had a few picked out. I asked her what they were and she told them to me and they were Hensley, Braylynn, Kylie and few more that I can’t think of. We sat there and thought about the names for a little bit and we picked out Hensley because Maddie didn’t like any of the other names too much. We told…show more content…
The bottle chugging game is where you get a bottle full of pop and try to drink it really fast. The word scramble game is a game where you have a paper full of scrambled words and you try to unscramble them. The pass the prize game is where you have a chocolate bar and you read off a bunch of things like for example pass the prize to the person with the biggest shoe and the prize would go to that person. After all the games were finished we opened presents i would tell you all of the stuff that she got but it is way too much. After the present openings we went and ate cake and visited for a
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