Narrative Essay On Being A Twin

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Finding My Independence Being a twin is occasionally eerie. There are times when my sister, Emily, seems to know what I am thinking and often finishes my sentences for me. I have been asked millions of times "What’s it like being a twin?" I don’t blame people for their curiosity, but I really don’t know what it would be like without my twin sister. From the day of conception we have been side by side, figuratively attached at the hip. While I realize that few people have the opportunity to experience such a close bond, this “twin thing” has hindered my individual development. Even though I realize that it is hard for people to distinguish me from my identical twin, it is frustrating to be always referred to as “the twins.” People…show more content…
I accept the fact that being a twin does make me different and realize that society seems to always look at twins as one. Therefore, I have worked hard making sure people see me as a whole and not half a whole. One of the ways I thought I could accomplish this was for my sister and I to pledge different sororities. It was a scary concept. I mean the person who always had by back was now not going to share this new experience. I thought I was ok with it until bid day. When she left to join her new sisters, it suddenly hit me, I was going to be apart from the most prominent person in my life. While frighten at first, this was the best thing that could have happen to me. This experience has made me more independent and much more confident. While my sister will always have my back and I hers, this parting has allowed me to thrive. I was able to achieve a high level of academic success, graduating magna cum laude. I did this while participating in extra curricula activities which included philanthropic work for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and holding leadership positions in my sorority. This experience has given the confidence to challenge myself and to gain knowledge going forward toward a career in
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