Narrative Essay On Changing School

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Switching Schools

In 2012 my parents thought it was best for me to leave Saad International School due to the bad behavior and action of the students. Because you’ll see 8th graders after school in the parking lot smoking with the 11 and 12th graders, thinking they’re cool and all that foolish actions. High school students were trying to talk to girls at the end of school. Education wise it wasn’t that great in my opinion, because when I came to RAIS, I found some yawning gaps in mathematics and a bit of English.
When I got the news that I was changing schools, I was not ready to leave the school, because I was happy there and had a lot of friends that I'm comfortable with. I wasn't willing to leave all of that behind. I was so adjusted to the school's system, and my grades were good, and everything was fine.
I knew deep down why my parents wanted me out of there because the students there have a big influence on me, if they skipped class, I skipped class, and the school didn't do much about it, so my parents know if I stayed I'd get affected by the bad students. But still, I didn't want to leave because I valued my friends higher than my education and future, which is a mistake I hope
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At that time my math teacher was Mr. Hack, and he was very straight forward in his teaching, but I was stupid, and I neglected and missed the fundamentals of basic algebra. This affected me the whole year and because I have a lazy personality, I didn't put the effort in understanding and understand what I have neglected. Due to this, I did so atrocious that I had to retake an algebra course over the summer. I decided I must step up my game because it’s not worth it to me and I had to prove myself that I can do this. Thankfully after all my hard work and devotion I finished the summer course with a percentage of
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