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Chumps to Champs As soon as I laid my eyes upon my new team I knew that they were going to need a tremendous amount of work. Most of the team was in seventh grade, I was one of the three eighth graders. That year not many girls tried out. Most girls at my school thought that if you played girls basketball you were lesbian, this was incorrect. New season, new team, and new coaches, who seemed very unexperienced, they were a couple, and they were engaged. I knew that they were going to need assistance with this group of girls. This year was the first time that I was playing basketball again after my yearlong ankle injury and I was eager to have an amazing season, but our team had to work together. The start of the season was very exciting because I was voted captain of the Lady Mustangs. I was ready for this challenge that I had to face as the new team leader. Our coaches, Bethany and Jay, were not very experienced in basketball whatsoever, so I was basically considered another coach. I created most of our plays, and even our defense. Surprisingly they were all effective against our opponents. Although our first game made me immensely nervous,…show more content…
I had to knock some sense into the team. I explained to them how important it is that we win this game and that we need to play for our team, not ourselves. I believe that I got that across to them at half time because the way that they played after that was the best I’ve ever seen them play all season. After all of the difficult work we had to do to win, we achieved the championship. I was so proud of my teammates, and I felt a sense of strong pride for my team and my school when I held our first place trophy up in the air for the whole crowd to see. Everyone there looked as excited as we did. Our coaches, our friends, our families, and even the staff working at the event did as well. At the beginning of our season we were a bunch of chumps, but now we were the
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