Narrative Essay On Color Guard

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I am from the cold winters of Indiana and the humid summers of Georgia, both filled with agriculture and famous cities, but different as can be. I was born and raised in Brazil, Indiana where I developed my love for marching band and color guard, as well as the crisp weather that came along with it. I would spend many Saturdays at my family’s farm, digging up rocks or riding in the combine with my father. I believed that I was to spend my high school career in the Hoosier state and become great at what I loved as I found it marching with the high school color guard my 8th grade year. My father then accepted a promotion for his work located in Statesboro, Georgia and my, oh my, how the cultural shock was real.
Besides the fact that everyone incorrectly calls pop, “soda,” I sincerely did not know what my father was dragging me into. Everything seemed so off when we arrived a week before my 15th birthday. The trees were all of pine or palm, the air thick enough to slice through with a butter knife, and the state’s soil is more of sand than actual dirt, making the grass stiff and itchy- something I didn’t realize until this past summer when I visited my best friend in my home state and ran around her cushioned yard. It took me a little over a year to get out of
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It did, however, drive me to break out of the worn down shell I was in and become plenty better at socializing as no one knew who I was and there wasn’t my mom or older brother to talk for me. Especially after my first relationship ended during sophomore year, leading me to get a better grip of who I was, what I didn’t like, and what I needed to change. I dyed my hair red and can confirm that blondes do not have more fun, I started to really put effort into band and landed a flute solo in last year’s Christmas concert and a spot in Troy’s SEUS honor band. Needless to say, Nicki Minaj would be proud of
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