Narrative Essay On Concussions In Basketball

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The Concussion While growing up my life had always been about basketball. Because of playing this sport I ended up getting an injury that not only injured my body but also my life. My injury was not like any other injury to the body, it was to my head. I didn’t know it then but brain injuries are hard to fully heal from. I learned this when I had thought that I got over my concussion until my grades started to plunge due to the fact that I was missing school because of migraines that had me crying myself to sleep and that were so bad that I wasn’t able to function normally. Soon, I learned different approaches to deal with these migraines that would help me deal with my post-concussion effects for the rest of my life. It was the fall season of basketball; when my team had been playing against an inner city school. The team was very aggressive, especially the girl I had been guarding. The other team was losing; it was towards half time when I was running…show more content…
During the conditioning I would get migraines when I would practice, I thought nothing of it at the time so I would just go home and sleep it off. During one of my tournaments I was playing a game for most of the first half, once half time started I went to the bench and I plopped down on the seat. All of a sudden I became really dizzy and could not see very well. My coach noticed and I started to cry because of the pain I was experiencing. The pain was like nothing else I had ever experienced. My coach then decided to have me walk over to my mom so that she could take me to a doctor. Once my mom grabbed my stuff, my mom brother and I started walking to the car. While walking to the car, my brother had caught me when I passed out. This was not normal, I went back to the doctor’s office and they didn’t really know what was wrong because I should have been fully healed from my concussion. I went
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