Narrative Essay On Cross Country Meet

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BANG!!! The starting gun fired and everyone in the front started to sprint while I went at my usual jogging pace. It would be my last cross country meet and while running I thought about my first day of practice. It was a slightly warm late summer day and that day I got a small taste of what we do in cross country and I could tell it would definitely be a challenge for me.

Our first meet had been extremely easy, only being 1 mile. “That wasn't so bad,” I said to myself. But of course, it kept getting harder and harder. Luckily for us though the toughest meet of the year, Cascade, was cancelled due to rain. We had practice every day right after school, but if it was an early out, we would have it right before school. Each regular practice
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In total, we had at least 7 or 8 meets, with the season lasting around a month or so. Out of all the meets we ran, the best I personally did was at our home meet. I remember one of our meets, I think our 3rd to last, was very windy and we all thought it would rain, but it didn't. Over time I eventually became better and better and practice didn't seem nearly as bad as before.

Finally, our last meet came up and I had been very excited. At that time I contemplated whether or not I would do cross country the next year in 8th grade. Though I didn't really come up with a clear answer, I promised myself that at this last meet I would do my very best. We all lined up at the starting line and waited to be released. As I waited for what seemed like forever for the starting gun, I contemplated about how I did in previous races and how much better I would try to do in this one. But more importantly I thought about whether I would do cross country next year.

Beforehand, we were shown a map of the course just like we did with all our other races and were told that the last stretch towards the finish line would be uphill. This encouraged me to go as fast as possible when I got to that
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