Narrative Essay On D Day

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Left and right, there’s blood everywhere. We run towards the enemy lines anyway. We have to. There is nowhere to hide. We knew what we signed up for. I’m here to defend my country. Thunder claps viciously in the sky. War cries fill the already deafening atmosphere. Men cry out as the ground becomes slick with a sea of blood. Our boots are sodden with it and mud also but we press on. The general behind me is barking commands, pushing the soldiers to limits they didn’t believe possible. June 6th 1942. The D-day landings. Before I know it, the sand besides me flies up through the air. A bomb dropped. The death toll keeps going up. It won’t stop. We push on. Our team was given a crucial task. One of their key lieutenants must be taken down. The trek through the Nazi territory will require perfect, but almost impossible stealth. France is flooding with soldiers from the Wehrmacht, with one order. Shoot to kill. Nine of us, against the entirety of the Germany…show more content…
The sky above was a lifeless grey. It had no colour to it; it was painfully dark and ominous. Around us, there was no sign of life. Optimists would struggle to find any means of hope or light. Darkness was falling upon us like an inevitable end to novel. The sky was merely a reminder of the inevitability of this. Having no ability to prevent this is a depressing though that is difficult to overcome and the only way I can drag myself away from these dismal thoughts is through being on the battlefield. I concentrate on what I have been ordered to do and focus solely on that. When I’m out on the field, I lose my humanity. I have no sense of fear or uncertainty. If that happens, I begin to lose myself in thoughts of remorse, depression and despair. I have people who I care about who rely on me and I cannot fail them. This war must come to an end and I will do everything I physically can to help that happen, no matter the

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