Narrative Essay On Dance Tryouts

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Today was for real “Click” the door went as I walked into the hall. I was seeing so many faces, excited for the season to start. As excited as we were, the 6th graders looked nervous. And a 5,6,7,8 Waiting for my mom to get home the to go to dance try-outs, so nervous. I was running all around the house to find my dance shoes. Where are my shoes? Do they still fit me? Then I found them and I tried them on and they fit for now, but I might need new shoes. Finding a pizza in the freeze to warm up in the pizza oven. After the “Ding” when off, I ate till I was full. Then I put the rest in a container then put it in the fridge. Later when my mom got home, she told me that I had to eat.
“I made a pizza” I told her.
“Oh ok, how about a snack” my mom asked me.
“Ok” I said an went and grabbed a s’mores pop tart. Then we got in the car and rode to town to try nnb b outs. As I walked in the door, I saw so many friends, I saw them like a week ago. Last week we had a dance clinic, so dancers who wanted to tryout could work on their technique before tryouts. The best part of growing a dance family in the past is always the reunion when you see them again after so long.
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So I listed every skill I learned in my years of dance. After filling them out we got in a space so we could stretch. After stretching from a high school dancer from the coaches varsity dance team. We started to learn the dance, the dance was a little hard but it’s supposed to be hard, because it’s the dance prep team. We practiced so many times I kept messing up this one part, we were put in partnerships. I was set up with a 6th grader that rides my bus. Then we walked into the hall and practiced until the first set of partners went in for try outs. When the first partners went into the room for tryouts, I could only go over the routine in my
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