Narrative Essay On Dare War

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As Lisa was taking the picture for the yearbook, Ty and Max knew that this would be a year they remembered forever, but before we continue let’s back up to their first day of school.
Ty and Max have always seen school as a boring environment. Every year they made a pact to do something crazy. It was their 8th grade year, their last year in middle school, so they decided to have a dare war. The rules were:
1. You could not refuse a dare no matter how embarrassing it was.
2. No dares could be made that would harm the other person.
3. They would have a week to complete the dare or else they had to wear a dress for a whole school day.
As soon as they did their handshake the dare war officially started. Everyone in the school watched captivatingly
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The whole class erupted in laughter, and right about this time Mr. Smith walked back into the classroom. Mr. Smith immediately told Ty to stop messing around and sit in his seat correctly, but Ty had to explain that his head was stuck. Mr. Smith sent Jackie to the office to have Ty’s parents called while Mr. Smith tugged at Ty’s head.
About 30 minutes later Ty’s parents, the school nurse, the principal, the janitor, and the yearbook photographer (Lisa) were all in the classroom. The janitor had a saw out and was getting ready to cut the chair when Lisa stopped him and had Max and Ty take a picture for the yearbook. Then the janitor carried on with Ty’s little problem.
For those of you who were wondering, yes they got Ty’s head out of the chair. It just wasn’t an easy process. Max and Ty went home for the summer and I’m sure they are still getting into trouble. Who know maybe they learned a lesson this time, probably not, but there’s still a chance. Nonetheless that was a day that everyone in Washington Middle School would remember forever, or at least I’ll remember
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